Sunday, April 15, 2012


Hello! Thank you so much for taking a look at this brand new project! If you're from the Staunton area I hope you enjoy these snapshots of local style! If you are from anywhere else around the world, I hope you enjoy them just the same! I hesitate to use the word fashion over style, because fashion by definition denotes a sense of passing trend. Personal style, however, is infinite and not limited to the fickleness of fashion! 

I like Staunton because there is no major aesthetic "fashion" group. What I mean is there is not much of a set standard of dressing in the more "alternative" crowd. Richmond, per-say, has that kind of thing. Staunton, however, is I guess too small. Either way people in this area who have there own special style, really truly have there own special style. Such as these lovely ladies!

PERFECT outfit.

She got her shoes from Retro & Me, a excellent vintage shop in the upstairs of 17. =)


This lady told me she made her skirt from a Victorian-era Butterick pattern. So awesome.


Last but not least is my friend Joy who I ran into. She is adorable.

Thank you again for checking this out! I hope you like what's going on here so far. If you do, go ahead and follow me, I promise I won't disappoint!
Have a fantastic day!

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